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Infrared Energy Services

Indian Creek Electric, Inc. offers a full range of Infrared thermography services for residences, commercial and industrial buildings, and private high voltage electrical utilities. Utilizing our thermal imaging cameras image processing software, our surveys can help clients save money by detecting problems before they become emergencies or catastrophes. ICEI infrared surveys help reduce unnecessary repairs and replacements, and discover energy- robbing problems and faults that are costing you money in energy costs. Here’s a list of issues our system can detect:

  • Roof leaks and other water infiltration.
  • Missing or damaged insulation in walls and attic spaces.
  • Electrical hot spots caused by damaged electrical wiring and equipment.
  • Heating and cooling losses caused by drafty windows, HVAC ducts, poorly sealed doors.

After your building survey, ICEI will generate and deliver to you a full, detailed report showing you all of the issues spotted with the thermal scan, as well as course of action recommendations to help solve all of the deficiencies found.

Please contact us to learn more about how our infrared services can help you, and to set up an appointment for a survey.