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Generators and Emergency Systems Services

Indian Creek Electric, Inc. offers a full line of emergency power solutions for both residences and commercial/ industrial applications. From portable generator connection boxes to advanced computer room applications, a variety of action plans are available to get the most capable emergency power system installation for your budget.

Residential customers can have peace of mind during the next outage with an affordable, permanent emergency generator installation. Natural gas or propane fueled generators with automatic transfer switches will ensure reliable power with large fuel supplies without lifting a finger- even if you are not home. For those on a budget who are looking for essentials during an outage such as sump pumps and refrigerators, we offer generator connection boxes that take the struggle out of utilizing your portable generator. No more extension cords all over the house, just connect your portable generator to our connection box with all of your critical circuits, flick a switch, and you are up and running. Contact us today to set up an appointment- we would love to show you all of the great options.

Commercial, industrial, and institutional customers can also benefit from our broad capabilities and experience in emergency systems- from simple emergency backup generators to complex UPS systems, Indian Creek Electric can help you focus on what your business needs to ensure your critical processes stay powered and productive. Then we will collaborate with you to ensure the implementation and installation is a smooth and seamless process from start to finish. From conception, to design, to installation, to maintenance, we will be the reliable partner you want for your critical power needs, at the competitive prices you need to fit your budget.